What is the speed limit in our community?

The speed limit in the community is 25 mph.

Can I park my boat or trailer on my lot?

Yes, you may park your boat or trailer on the lot provided it is covered.

Can I ride my ATV on roadways?

If you are a licensed driver and your ATV is street legal with motorcycle license plates and street legal tires, yes you may. Under no circumstances should any underage person be allowed to drive an ATV on the roadway. Not only is it against the law, it is extremely dangerous. View rules and regulations here.

Can I let animals run loose or do they need to be leashed?

Animals can be off leash on private property. They must be leashed when in the community.

Can I allow camping on my lot if my house is built?

No camping is allowed on the property in Tamarron Pines.

Can I put up a satellite dish?

Yes, you may install a satellite dish.